Andrew Day, Digital Creative Director


Understanding customers in an age of increasingly complex behaviours begins with understanding the data we all create. Data is the currency of our connected age, and it’s in data that new forms of creativity are emerging.


Three data types, covered in this newsletter are worth distinguishing, with each yielding creative ideas that can transform businesses.


First, there’s personal data, which is constantly being collected by the services we use, from Uber to Nike+ and NEST – information unavailable to us before the connected age. Secondly, there’s behavioural data, which attends every click – every search, like and share – we make. And thirdly, there’s cultural data, which we can harness by listening to the conversations playing out every minute of every day on social channels.


Refreshing data, the creative way

Part of our job is to harness customer data in ways that imaginatively serve rather than betray the people who provided it. In the process, our creative ideas become more authentic and relevant to both the customer and the culture at large, because they’re meaningfully connected to what customers care about.


After all, it’s not what focus groups tell us is important, real or true.

And while our use of data may not always take the form of storytelling, it’s a sign that creativity in our industry is expanding in new and interesting directions. Here’s a glimpse at how data is being used in creative new ways.



Meet the WellBeings!

Meet the Wellbeings



For Cigna Insurance, we were asked to design a simple health-score survey. But instead of a long list of drily written questions, full of bullet points and radio buttons, we created the ‘WellBeings’, a collection of mini-monsters, each customised to reflect your own sense of inner well-being. Fully mobile, playfully written, lovingly crafted, easy to engage with and offering a personalised pay-off at the end, the WellBeings are a delight to share with friends and family – and a reason to come back to Cigna when looking for health-care cover.


Check out the WellBeings



Child’s play, with Tasks for Toys

A paper-based catalogue that no one ever looked at was given a new purpose with ‘Tasks for Toys’ from Toys R Us. It collects data about the ages of our children and the toys they like, by providing kids with a smart way to earn the objects they desire.


Designed for mobile, Tasks for Toys lets children choose the toys they’d like to own (from the Toys R Us catalogue), set their own tasks to earn them, then reap the rewards once they’ve earned enough points.


Visit Tasks for Toys



Celebrate your personal journey

Nike surprised and delighted customers of its Nike+ community by beautifully packaging up its fitness data and turning it into personalised, animated films. The films looked back at users’ accomplishments over the year, while motivating them to go even further in the year ahead.


Watch Nike’s personal videos



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