Ian Truscott, Channel Director


Working with one of our global digital experience vendor partners Adobe, our MRM//McCann colleagues in Salt Lake City have put together a really nice white paper titled “Data driven marketing is the answer. Now what’s the question?” that takes an in-depth look at the promise of Data-Driven marketing, that I thought I’d share here.


That promise is neatly summarised in the opening paragraphs:


So marketers can deliver the right message with the right offer at the right time. No spam. No mistaking personas for actual people. No yada, yada, yada.


And “no yada yada yada” is actually a good description of this whitepaper – I’ve read a lot of this sort of material and you typically get 3 pages of restating the problem, a bunch of obvious statements and a high level conclusion that says “you’ve got to get to know your customer”. Not here. This paper is a significant read.


The paper gives practical advice, stepping through a well researched six-layer framework, a methodology and a maturity model so that the reader can do some internal diagnosis, understand where their organisation is, where they need to be and some steps to getting there.


On that point, the authors use a quote from a baseball legend Yogi Berra that sums that up:


“If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll end up somewhere else.”


OK, I confess I didn’t know who Yogi Berra was, but it’s a nice point, that underlines the need for the kind of detailed discovery we do with our clients, particularly around business objectives, before a project gets carried away in the wrong direction.


The paper includes some great stats that support the need for data driven marketing and concludes with some nice case studies that detail some of the benefits we’ve been able to affect with our clients using this approach and methodology.


Grab a copy, it’s free and it’s here on the Adobe website.