The set-up

Did you know Intel makes laptops? Neither did their target audience.

When Intel told us they were looking to build awareness for their new range of Ultrabooks - laptops powered by Intel microprocessors - to a younger audience, we knew in order to reach them in a way they would understand and engage with, we had to speak social.

2 minute case study

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The aim

Changing the story

When it comes to buying laptops, there’s little talk about microprocessor chips. With a target audience who’ve grown up with technology, we didn’t just want to tell them that Intel makes a difference in performance, we wanted to show them.

The delivery


Enter polar explorer Ben Saunders, singer Imogen Heap, fashion designer Christian Joy and Olympic medalists the Brownlee brothers.

Harnessing their social influence, the reach of the campaign increased exponentially thanks to the power of their loyal following.

Here’s what they did.

Ben Saunders

Ben Saunders used an Ultrabook to connect with fans from one of the most isolated places on earth as he successfully completed a gruelling 1800-mile expedition.

Thanks to Intel, he was able to broadcast the first truly epic adventure, sharing it in real-time to a global audience.

(Sound incredible? It was. See more of our work with Ben here.)

Christian Joy

Costume designer for Karen O of the rock group the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Christian Joy has always strived to reimagine clothing.

Rallying her fans through social media, she crowd-sourced inspiration for her next piece: a bespoke LED light jacket that responded to frequency, bringing wearable electronics to the stage.

Imogen Heap

Imogen Heap’s musical style is known for pushing the boundaries on innovative sound.

For her Ultrabook challenge, she combined a love of music with her passion for running. She used Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to build excitement for her upcoming creation: a running app that generated new music based on pace.

The Brownlee Brothers

For the Brownlee brothers, becoming Olympic medallists came at the result of intense exercise and a strict schedule. But they were bored with their monotonous training regime.

With the help of the fans and Intel, they gamified it.

By choosing which parts to include, fans were involved with the creation of the super Brownlee - then tweeted messages of encouragement as the brothers competed against their avatar. The result didn't just make workouts less monotonous, it actually improved their performance.

All engagement drove people to the YourWorld platform, where our audience could find an Ultrabook to fuel their own passion.

the results

intel's most successful social campaign to date

  • 2 Million interactions
  • Fourbrand new technological innovations
  • purchase interest going from 1.5% to 13%

The breakdown

Throughout the project we had a highly integrated team involved from start to finish to ensure that the heart, soul and strategy behind the experience was present at every stage.

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